College Tuition Is Expensive, Planning Ahead Helps Save Money

At stake is whether colleges can offer athletes potentially tens of thousands of dollars in "education benefits" in the form of computers, graduate scholarships, tutoring, study abroad, and internships. Title IX stipulates that colleges must provide equal opportunities for male and female athletes. Would a university have to pay female athletes in aggregate the same amount as their male counterparts? Not necessarily — but a school would be required to ensure that female athletes receive proportionate opportunities for scholarships. College sports, particularly football, are a big deal and a big business. The Department of Education reported that college athletic programs collected $14 billion in total revenue in 2019, up from $4 billion in 2003.

Additionally, students can read online reviews to see which schools have worthwhile programs. Sites like Rate My Prof, for example, tell students about a prospective professor and a bit about the class and the school in question. It is also likely that a legitimate online program has an actual physical address. Finally, another question that students can ask is if the school in question has legitimate student services. These services could include access to a school’s library, tech support, and academic advising.

Enjoy Private College Advantages

There are other sports that compete at the university level but do not fall under the U Sports. These sports may be legislated by the conferences including - Canada West , Ontario university Athletics , Quebec Student Sport Federation , and Atlantic University Sport . Colleges in Canada compete under the Canadian College Athletic Association .

Portuguese and Ukrainian students rated DE more favorably than UAE students. Half of the Ukrainian students have experience with DE which might account for their favorable attitude. In contrast, in Portugal only a very small percentage of the students had experience.


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